Address: 6 Jiangxi Lu

Last order: approx. 10pm

大碗牛肉拉面 6元
大腕加肉拉面11 元

The One on the Corner
The One Behind the Trees
The One on the Hill
The One in the Middle
The One at the End of Minjiang Lu
The One Opposite Rudis
The One Upstairs
The One on Xiaoyao 2 Lu
The One on Xuzhou Lu
The One Opposite LPG
The One on Sifang Lu
The One on Yunxiao Lu
The One Called Ma Jia
The One Called Ma Jia 2
The One on Dayao 3 Lu
The One in Taidong
The One on Tianjin Lu
The One at the Start of Jiangxi Lu
The One that is Disappointingly Convenient
The One with the Wooden Deck
The One Called Ma Jia Under the Wang Ba
The One with the Dang Gui
The One Outside
The One on Qufu Lu

Run by a humble family whose la mian empire extends all the way from their hometown in Qinghai south to Shenzhen and east to Qingdao and Shanghai (where they have no less than six restaurants), this very clean and cute and colourful restaurant can be found at the start of Jiangxi Lu near the corner of Yan’an 3 Lu.

Their la mian is served with a fresh helping of coriander and garlic which, infused with their distinctive tasting la mian tang, gives the dish an almost la mian-meets-minestrone flavour to it, while its minimal serve of beef is compensated by some of the freshest noodles I’ve yet to savor.

Its location by Yan’an 3 Lu provides for a busy clientele during the lunch hour and, while small, the clever design seats 32 people inside on very comfy chairs, plus more out on the street. Quieter after the work day ends, this is a pleasant place to enjoy a good meal in the evening.

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